Manually run a rule against an issue

Not all processes or workflows can be kicked-off automatically. Sometimes you want to manually trigger a rule to perform common/repeatable tasks. Microsoft Word has macros, we have Manual triggers.

This trigger adds the ability to manually kick-off a rule from your Jira 'view issue' page. You also have the option to restrict which groups can view this trigger.

Manual trigger

Due to the differences in what is possible in Cloud vs Server, we have different implementations in each.

In Server

In Server, the manual triggers appear in the "More" dropdown on the issue.

Manual trigger server

Once the rule has completed a message will appear saying whether the rule ran successfully or not. The issue content doesn't refresh automatically - a manual reload is required.

Use the "Quick Nav/Action" dialog

On the view issue page, or issue navigator with an issue selected, you can press "." to bring up a list of actions you can perform on an issue. Manual trigger rules appear in this list.

In Cloud

In Cloud, we have an "Issue glance" that appears on the right-hand side of the issue. You will need to click through to run a rule.

Manual trigger cloud

You can also see a history of rules that ran against the issue.

Note: If you are still using the old issue view, the triggers are available in a dropdown on the right of the issue.