Automation for Jira

With Automation for Jira, you can create powerful rules to extend and automate Jira easily. There is no need for custom scripts. Just drag and drop the building blocks together to automate your processes!

Let’s take a look at a common use case below to give an example of how Automation for Jira solves one of your problems.

A sample use case:

In Jira Service Desk, your support engineer answers a customer enquiry. The customer never responds. This Jira issue (along with many others) may stay open for weeks in a ‘stale’ status until manually closed by a human.

The solution:

Set up a simple rule to automatically close ‘stale’ issues after 5 days. Every rule is built with the same building blocks. This one only requires only two - a trigger and an action.

How to build the rule:

  1. Kick off the rule with a scheduled trigger. Every day, using JQL, this trigger searches for all issues that have not been updated for 5 days & are in the status ‘Waiting for Customer'.
  2. Then use a transition issue action - this simply transitions the issue to a status of your choice.

Automatically change the status to resolved

The rule takes 2 minutes to put together and less to edit. Below, we will add one more building block to this rule to send an email to the customer. This lets them know the status has been set to resolved. It gives them a chance to respond, allows for a fully transparent process and enables you to provide outstanding customer support.

Automatically change the status to resolved with email

The example above is just one of thousands that our customers use. With 20,000 customers and near flawless reviews, you are in good company.

Customer feedback

Michael (May 2019):
"A4J has replaced a lot of 3rd party post functions and scripting add-ons for me. It can do so much without any need for code. As a consultant this lets me leave much more maintainable solutions for my clients who prefer not to code and get's my work done in much less time."

Andrew (Jan 2019):
This tool is amazing - for just about all those situations where you've said to yourself, why can't Jira just do this?!, the answer is, Automation for Jira does do it. This is the killer app that makes Jira usable for advanced users. Use cases range from simple, auto-assign fix version to all sub-tasks from parent task to more complex like find duplicates, assign custom labels to them, and then link them.

David (Dec 2018):
Automation for Jira allows me to manage my Jira environment on a whole new level!

NG (Sept 2018):
You can automate almost any routine tasks and be sure everything will be done.

More use cases

We have some common use cases within the docs. Better again, in our Rule Playground, you will find a regularly updated list of some real life customer use cases. Feel free to steal them and edit for your own use. Our blog is also a goldmine of information with case studies on how customers are using Automation for Jira. It is where you can find out about new features, understand how to use rules, and more.

What to do next

  • If you haven't installed yet, there is a great practical guide in the setting up section
  • If Automation for Jira is already installed, congrats! The concepts section takes you through the essential foundations of rule building

Platinum Top Vendor

Platinum Top Vendor

We're one of Atlassian's Platinum Top Vendors. Over 20,000 customers use Automation for Jira, from small startups to NASA and Amazon.