Upgrade Cloud

Who is this guide for

If you're looking to upgrade from Lite to Pro in Cloud, then this step by step guide is for you. The steps are simple and your data will automatically be safely migrated between the two versions. You can check this by having both add-ons installed and reviewing your rules before disabling the Lite add on.

Don't worry if you accidentally uninstall either of the add-on at the wrong time, your data is still safe and you can reinstall the add-on to get your rules back!

Installing the Pro version

  1. Go to "Manage add-ons" from the "Add-ons" cog on the top right. You should see the Lite add-on installed as below: Lite installed
  2. Click "Find new add-ons" to open the marketplace tab
  3. Search for "Automation for Jira" using the search box: Install Pro
  4. Click on "Free trial" to install the add-on
    1. You'll be asked to accept and install the add-on permissions.
  5. The add-on will go through the install process and then it'll take you to through on-boarding screens.
  6. Here, you can check that all your rules from the Lite version are still there and operational.

Uninstalling Lite

You don't need the Lite version after you've upgraded, so you uninstall it. This option is available in the "Manage Add-ons" screen.

Uninstall lite