Microsoft Teams Integration

Setting up the integration

If you want to send a message to a Microsoft Teams channel, you first need to setup an integration with Automation for Jira. This provides a webhook URL that Automation for Jira uses to send messages to your Microsoft Teams channels. This integration can be revoked at any time.

Setting up a Microsoft Teams integration can be done in a few simple steps.

  1. Navigate to Microsoft Teams and choose More options (...) next to the channel name and then choose Connectors.
  2. Scroll through the list of Connectors to Incoming Webhook, and choose Add.
  3. Enter "Automation for Jira" as the name for the webhook, upload an image to associate with data from the webhook (we recommend you download and use Curly), and choose Create.
  4. Copy the webhook URL to the clipboard and choose Done.
  5. Now go back to your rule and to the ’Send Microsoft Teams Notification’
  6. Paste the webhook URL from 4. into the webhook field.

All done! You are now integrated with your Microsoft Teams Channel.

Markdown support

Microsoft Team message bodies support basic markdown for rich formatting. The only limitations are that you can't insert:

  • Images
  • Inline HTML
  • HTML Blocks
  • Custom nodes


The image below shows a sample rule that will send a message to a Microsoft Teams channel when a bug is raised: Example

The message body is using smart values formatted with markdown language: Example2

You can see a few different types of markdown formatting being applied. As the title and body fields are processed by Microsoft Teams as Markdown, be sure to escape Markdown special characters (such as * or #) if needed to be used with a backslash (eg \#).

The most complicated part of the example here is the link. A link consists of two parts. The first is the link text which is between the square brackets and then the link URL which immediately follows the text, surrounded by parenthesises: [Link Text Here](Link URL here).

When this rule is triggered, we'll get a message in Microsoft Teams that looks like this: Teams

Done! You should now be able to be able to send messages with Microsoft Teams. Thanks Bill Gates