Commonly used user properties

  • accountId - unique id of the user, set by Jira and cannot be changed.
  • displayName - the full name in the users profile
  • emailAddress - the email address in the users profile
  • key - the key in the users profile (given when the account was created)
  • name - the username in the users profile
  • timeZone - the time zone based on the location set in the users profile


The assignee of the active issue.



The user who adds a comment on an issue.

{{ property}}


The user that entered the issue. It is not possible to change the creator.

{{creator.user property}}


This is the user who triggers the rule

{{initiator.user property}}


The reporter of the active issue

{{reporter.user property}}

Entity Properties

Entity properties are arbitrary key/value pairs that can be set for a user in Jira. Jira users have 2 types of entity properties available:


// e.g. if 'financeAccountId' is an entity property set 
//  programmatically by another app

The newer style properties can currently only be set via API calls using the EntityPropertyService API in Jira server or the /rest/api/3/user/properties REST API in Jira Cloud.

The older style legacyProperties can be set by global admins in Jira server using the 'Edit User properties' UI. Please note though that properties set in the UI will be prefixed with jira.meta. by Jira. So for example, if a global admin sets a user property with the key slackhandle in the UI, then you need this smart-value to access it: