Unknown fields error in audit log

When your rule runs, you may see the error Unknown fields set during edit. Field may not be available project/type. in the audit log for a create, edit or transition issue action.

This is usually caused by a field missing from the relevant issue screen for a particular project and issue type. We can't validate for this when a rule is being configured, since issues with different screen configurations may be actioned by an automation rule, when the rule executes.


This is usually because the field you are trying to edit is not on the appropriate Jira 'screen' for the relevant operation. To resolve this issue:

  1. Go to one of the issues that triggered this error (follow the link in the audit log)
  2. Open the edit issue dialog (if you are using the 'edit issue' action)
  3. Click the "fields" button in the top right hand corner, and then "Where is my field ?":
    Where is my field
  4. In the following dialog, type the field you are trying to edit.
  5. Jira will then tell you any issues you need to fix to make it editable.

See Jira's documentation for more information!