How to migrate from Jira Server to Jira Cloud

Congratulations and welcome to world of "The Cloud" - a place where Leprechauns sing and Unicorns fly.

Before you start on migrating your Automation data to Jira cloud - you may want to have quick read of what data we store and have access to.


  1. You have upgraded Automation for Jira to the latest version on you Server instance - We need this to ensure data compatibility between Cloud and Server
  2. You have migrated your Jira data from Server to Cloud. We use a lot of ids in our configuration and assume they exist in Cloud. e.g. Status Ids


  1. From Global Admin / System / Automation rules (the global Automation admin section), click on the drop down in the top right and "Export rules"
  2. (optional) Open up this file in an editor and edit values that exist in Server that do not exist in Cloud. E.g. usernames
  3. Go to that same page in Cloud and from the same menu select "Import rules" and follow the wizard.
  4. You will need to manually enable all the rules and fix any that have validation errors.

What is not migrated?

We do not migrate the following:

  • Audit log data - this will start from scratch

What rules will not validate

The following components and configurations are not supported in Cloud

  • Transition actions that use a specific transition
  • Issue property updated triggers
  • Publish Event triggers
  • 3rd party extensions
  • Some Outgoing email options
  • Some Notification settings on issue actions
  • Rules can not be run synchronously