How to create an effective support ticket

Unfortunately if you are reading this, something has gone wrong or you can't figure out how to do something. Not to fear! We are here to help you.

We have decades of Jira/Atlassian Support experience and we kind of know our own app pretty well.

In order for the support experience to be as effective as possible please provide the following when creating a ticket:

  • Are you on Cloud or hosting your own version?
  • If hosting your own, what version are you running? Have you tested the latest version? What Jira version are you on?
  • If on Cloud, what is your domain?
  • What edition of the add-on are you using? Lite vs Paid
  • Screenshots of the config that isn't working
  • What you expect to happen vs what you are seeing?
  • The Audit logs of the failed rules. Screenshot is good here.
  • What you have done tried to fix or understand the problem?
  • Any relevant information that may help.
    • if an issue isn't matching a condition - include a screenshot or json of the issue.
    • if there is an issue with fields, include your field configs
    • If there is a problem with transitions, include your workflow

Once you have some of this ready please go ahead and:

Raise a ticket