How to use conditions

To narrow the scope of your rule based on the value of a field on an issue, the following three conditions will be able to solve most of your use cases.

Issue Condition

The Issue condition is our recommended option as it is the easiest to use, has the best performance of the three conditions and does not require any smart values or JQL.

Issue condition example

Got a few conditions you need to check? No worries, just add multiple Issue conditions, one after the other! It is quicker than writing out the JQL and performs better!

Issue conditions example

Please contact support if we're not supporting a field or operation that you want to use.

JQL Condition

If the Issue condition does not support your use case then the JQL condition is the next best option to use.

JQL condition example

Advanced Compare Condition

After the JQL condition comes the Advanced Compare condition. While it is the most powerful option, it is also the hardest to use. It is designed to compare smart values, includes support for Regular Expressions and ultimately allows for really granular control with your comparisons.

Advanced compare condition example

What is next?

If none of those options work out for you then check out our conditions section for a complete explanation of all our conditions.