Third party integrations

Automation for Jira integrates with many third party apps and services, both internal and external to the Atlassian ecosystem.

Atlassian ecosystem integrations

We are working with Atlassian and other vendors to bring deep integrations into their products. Current integrations include:

Other integrations

Incoming webhooks

An incoming webhook is a way for a third party to trigger an Automation Rule. The webhook can specify specific issues to act on or even provide Automation for Jira with real-time data that you can use to update your issues. We have some great examples on how we have used webhooks in our blog:

Outgoing web requests

Using our Outgoing web request action you can send arbitrary web requests to integrate with any API. You can then use the response in subsequent actions.

Creating your own actions

Automation for Jira in server allows extensions contributed by other app vendors in the Atlassian Marketplace that contribute automation actions directly in our UI. For details on how to contribute these actions see our developer guide.