Editions: Lite vs Pro

Different Editions

Automation for Jira is available in a number of different editions to cater for various usage scenarios.  This page explains all the differences and who each edition is for.

Edition Description Who this is for?
Automation for Jira Pro This is the paid offering for both server and cloud. Any team or organisation wanting to reap the full benefits of automation for their process!
Automation Lite for Jira (Server) This is the free lite offering for server (formerly called the Jira Automation Atlassian labs add-on). It does not offer the ability for project admins to create rules and also excludes many other features of the paid version. Small teams in server, that can't afford to upgrade yet to paid, but wish to automate some parts of their process.
Automation Lite for Jira (Cloud) This is the free lite offering for cloud. It has all the features of the paid version but is limited to 300 rule executions per calendar month. Tiny teams in cloud, or larger organisations wanting to trial Automation for Jira for free for an extended duration.

You can upgrade from lite to the paid version of Automation for Jira at any time in both cloud and server.  To do so, you can simply install the paid version via 'Global Administration' → 'Manage add-ons'.  All automation rules you setup in the lite version will still be there and continue to work in the paid version.

You can also downgrade from paid to lite (in both cloud and server). To do so you need to completely uninstall the paid version first in 'Manage add-ons', then re-enable the lite version.  In server, some of your automation rules may no longer work if they use rule components only available in the paid version.  If you downgrade to the old Atlassian Labs version, you'll also have to re-enable all modules in the add-on after installation.

For more details please read our detailed guide on Upgrading from Automation Lite to Pro (Server)!

Automation for Jira Pro

Pro version highlight

The pro version has it all - it includes many extra triggers, conditions and actions compared to the lite version of Automation for Jira, that really allow your team to automate almost every aspect of their process! From creating issues, to working with related issues, to advanced webhook integrations, third party integrations and many more!  For a full list of features on offer see our comprehensive list below.

Automation for Jira Pro also ships with the ability for project admins to help themselves!  In the pro version any project admin can configure automation rules as they see fit for their team.  We've talked to many large customers and one of the biggest problems is that the (usually) small global admin team gets flooded with requests from the entire organisation to customise Jira. With Automation for Jira global admins can now give project admins the ability to use the full power of Automation!  We also include fine grained permissions so that global admins can control exactly which project admins have this power.

Try pro free today!

Automation Lite for Jira (Server)

Automation Lite for Jira (Server) has a long history.  It was first released by Atlassian Labs over 4 years ago as the 'Jira Automation' add-on and has grown to over 6000 active installations in the marketplace! Being an Atlassian Labs add-on it was always offered as a free add-on, and as a result it also received no official support and few updates since its inception 4 years ago.  Its user interface has languished and a number of bugs have snuck in over the years.

We here at Automation for Jira feel passionate about offering automation to as many teams as possible and wanted to bring a free edition of Automation for Jira to server as well.  Our goals were simple:

  • Keep Automation Lite for Jira (Server) free
  • Provide users with the same functionality the Atlassian Labs add-on provided
  • Significantly improve the user experience

There's more though - we didn't just put lipstick on the pig! We also significantly improved a number of the actions compared to the old Atlassian Labs add-on. For example, our new assign issue action allows far greater flexibility when assigning issue to users compared to the old add-on.

Though feature limited, Automation Lite for Jira (Server) is still a powerful offering - see the full list of features available below!

Detailed Feature Comparison

For more details on these components please see the list of all available rule components.

Automation for Jira Pro Automation Lite for Jira (Server) Automation Lite for Jira (Cloud)
Subscription model Paid Free Free
Supported ✅ (only v3.0.0 or later)
Jira Data Center N/A
Number of rule executions Unlimited Unlimited 300 per calendar month
Global rules ✅ ✨
Multi-project rules
Project admin access
Field value changed
Incoming webhook
Issue commented
Issue event
Issue moved
Issue linked
Issue property updated ⚠️
Manual trigger
Multiple issue events
Scheduled ✅ ✨
SLA Threshold breached
Version created
Version updated
Version released
Work logged
Compare condition
Issue attachments condition
JQL condition
Related issues condition
User condition ✅ ✨
Add comment
Add Service Desk customer
Add watchers
Assign issue ✅ ✨
Branch rule / Related issues
Clone issue
Create Service Desk request
Create issue
Create sub-tasks
Create version
Delete attachments
Delete issue
Edit issue ✅ ✨
Link issue
Log action
Log Work
Publish event ⚠️
Refresh issue
Send e-mail
Send HipChat message
Send Slack message
Send Stride message
Send Microsoft Teams message
Send Twilio notification
Send webhook
Set entity property
Transition issue ✅ ✨
Third party extensions ✅ (only integrations whitelisted by us) ⚠️

⚠️...Jira doesn't provide the required APIs currently to offer this trigger/condition/action.
✨...Substantially improved compared to the old 'Jira Automation' Atlassian Labs add-on.

Third party extensions

Going forward, Automation for Jira will support all the same great third party extensions that the old Atlassian Labs add-on provided.  The paid version will immediately support all third party extensions.

The lite version only supports extensions that were previously available in the old Labs add-on. This restriction mainly exists to protect our freemium business model (to avoid other vendors on infringing on features from our paid version, while we bear the costs of supporting the free Automation Lite for Jira platform).

Currently the following third party add-ons have been whitelisted in Lite:

See our complete list of third party actions.

Your add-on not in this list? Contact us via Automation for Jira support please!