• Smart values: Yes (First value, Second value)
  • Available in server lite: No

This powerful condition allows you to compare objects using smart values and regular expressions.

Compare condition

Matching a field to multiple values with the compare condition

Sometimes you want to add a condition so that a field matches multiple values. You can use the "Contains regular expression" option and then use the (value1|value2|...) syntax to match multiple values like the example below.

Match multi-values

Issue attachments

  • Smart values: No
  • Available in server lite: No

Allows you to check whether a field has any attachments or not.

Issue attachments condition


  • Smart values: Yes (JQL)
  • Available in server lite: Yes

This condition checks to see if the issue matches the specified JQL

JQL condition

  • Smart values: Yes (Matching JQL)
  • Available in server lite: No

This condition can iterate over a number of related issues and check, if all, some or none match a given JQL query.

Related issues condition


  • Smart values: Yes (Various Criteria)
  • Available in server lite: Yes

Allows you check a specified user exists or is in a specified group.

User condition


Service Desk specific checks such as 'User is in organization' or 'User is a customer' are only available in Jira 7.3+ and Service Desk 3.3+.

If else block

The 'If else' block allows for alternate actions to be executed based on whether certain conditions match or don't match.

Else if solution