Automation for Jira vs Service Desk Automation

We get asked quite often why we offer Automation for Jira when Jira Service Desk comes with automation as a bundled feature. While "free" is great, it doesn't help when you have complex business requirements or are trying to streamline processes in a Business or Software project. We believe our App offers significant advantages over Service Desk that will help ALL teams automate their processes and enable you to capture even more business requirements.


Smart values - Smart values allow you to substitute in any value from any object that the rule has access to. E.g. The status of the parent issue, the email address of the person that just edited the issue, or the before and after values of an issue edit. We allow these in most fields and this allows you to do things like:

This is only a small taste of what you can do with Smart Values.

More components - With almost 50 components to choose from you capture many more processes than with the 19 components shipped with Service Desk.

Jira Software support - You can listen for changes to Sprints and versions and also update Software fields on issues. This allows you to automate a lot of your release processes.

Working with related issues - You aren't just restricted to just acting on the current issue, you can also branch out and act on any related issue. E.g. For all sub-tasks set their priority to the same as the parent issue, comment on all linked issues, or transition the Epic of this story

User Interface

We take great pride in the UI that we have come up with. We believe it be one of the slickest on the market. Here is a comparison of Automation for Jira vs Service Desk for a simple rule to edit the priority and add a comment:

Automation for Jira Automation for Jira

Service Desk Service Desk

Detailed Feature Comparison

For more details on these components please see the list of all available rule components.

Automation for Jira Jira Service Desk Automation
Supported ✅ By Atlassian
Cloud & Server
Active development 268 issues closed in 2017 39 issues closed in 2017
Project types supported All Service Desk projects
Jira Software support
Project Admins can create rules
Permissions for who can create rules
Service limits to protect Jira
Global Rules
Multi-Project Rules
Customisable Rule Actor ✅ Per rule in Server ✅ Per project
Run rule as user who triggered event
Triggers 19 10
Conditions 5 2
Actions 23 7
Execute rules on related issues
Scheduled Rules
Copy values between issues and fields
Math functions / calculated fields
Comprehensive smart value substitutions ❌ 9 variables in emails
Auto approve
Audit logs ✅ Rule/Project/Global ✅ Rule
Integrations out of the box Stride, Slack, HipChat, Twilio, Webhooks Webhooks
Integrations in marketplace ✅ In Server
Write your own integrations ✅ In Server